The group’s individuals are precious, wonderful people of great compassion and courage. Their openness and sometimes their humor have enriched my life in ways I didn’t know I needed.

—Mary P.

We feel we could not have gotten through it without Gilda’s Club. We could have broken down, our own health was affected.

—Alex and Kay R. (Caregivers)

Gilda’s has been the most important part of my process. I wouldn’t have been doing so well without the love and support and being a member of the group.

—James P.

I couldn’t have lived as well as I’ve been able to without group/leaders/Gilda’s support in so many ways!

—Donna Y.

I reached a point of desperation and needed support and it was there for me immediately.

—Roxanne C.

The group helped me so much and (the facilitator) was so insightful and helpful. I learned so much I did not know, and it has helped my relationship with my husband.

—Valerie O.

Being able to share your feelings and know you’re going to be understood is the greatest therapy you can give someone who’s going through cancer.

—Paula Berke, co-founder Gilda’s Club

When you’re battling cancer, you’re in the hospital a lot — and it’s not your favorite place to be. Gilda’s provides a completely different environment, where people feel safe.

—Paula Berke, co-founder Gilda’s Club

The emotional saving is just as important as the physical saving. Even when the crisis is over and families are back on their feet they stay connected to Gilda’s, often as volunteers.

—Kippy F.