Healthy Living Program

To enhance recovery through nutrition, exercise and meditation, and creative expression

To learn healthy eating and lifestyle habits

Made possible in part by funding from the Desert Healthcare District, the CancerPartners’ comprehensive nutrition education program provides vital information for cancer prevention, treatment side-effects management, and overall wellness. The Healthy Living Program (HeLP) provides weekly lectures with an expert nutritionist and hands-on cooking workshops tailored for individuals, children, and families. These are designed to support and empower anyone affected by cancer to maintain a healthy nutrition plan during and after cancer treatment.  HeLP participants especially appreciate the practical tips on how to choose, shop and prepare foods that nourish the body at a cellular level.

To strengthen the body, improve the immune system, and reduce stress

CancerPartners mind/body classes led by experienced instructors help participants achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance. Classes include yoga, tai chi, stretch and balance, and hypnomeditation.

To apply creative expression to the healing process

Expressing oneself through the arts can be both inspiring and healing. CancerPartners creative arts offerings include such classes as acrylic and watercolor painting, jewelry-making, art journaling, and life story and creative writing.


It felt so good to be able to trust and share. And because I was alone, I appreciated the social aspects of Gilda’s (now CancerPartners). Gilda’s gives you help you didn’t even know you needed. It makes the journey easier.

—John M.

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