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Calling All Volunteers

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” (Elizabeth Andrew)

There’s always a place for giving of your time and effort at CancerPartners. If you would like to join our organization as a CancerPartners volunteer, we welcome you with open arms!

Volunteer Training & Orientation meetings are held monthly by our Volunteer Coordinator, who will talk to you about the CancerPartners’ philosophy and what potential volunteer opportunities are available.

All volunteers working with children at CancerPartners are Live-Scanned (at our expense).


(760) 770-5678

Or better yet, STOP IN:

73555 Alessandro Dr.
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Volunteer Opportunities

New Member Meeting Volunteers

New Member Meeting Volunteers are cancer survivors or individuals who have experienced CancerPartners (previously Gilda’s Desert Citiers) firsthand and want to welcome new members. Special training is provided and as an experienced CancerPartners member, you are the most qualified to provide hope and encouragement to new members.

Workshop Volunteers

Workshop Volunteers are volunteers who have an area of expertise that might be shared with CancerPartners members in a workshop, lecture, class or activity. For example yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, journaling, nutrition, creativity and humor, insurance issues, how to talk to your doctor and so on. No soliciting of any kind is allowed.

Noogieland Volunteers

Noogieland Volunteers will work with the members of our club who are children, either those with cancer or those who have a family member or friends with cancer. A background check and fingerprinting is required for volunteers working with children in Noogieland.

House Volunteers

House Volunteers are volunteers who want to help with more of the administrative workings of the program or are interested in helping out with the general CancerPartners events. These volunteers do everything from answering the phone, sending out mailings, to setting up and cleaning up at potluck suppers. Many of these volunteers may also be interested in participating in our fundraising events that occur outside of the CancerPartners building.

Outreach Volunteers

Outreach Volunteers are volunteers who can participate in community outreach activities such as distributing CancerPartners materials, representing CancerPartners at health fair booths and/or speaking on behalf of CancerPartners.

Bilingual Program Activity Volunteers

Bilingual Program Activity Volunteers are volunteers who can participate in CancerPartners activities, providing translation for our Spanish speaking members.

Clinical Volunteers

Clinical Volunteers are experienced mental health professionals who can help us by volunteering their time to lead new member orientations and individual interviews on an as-needed basis. If you are a mental health professional and would like to volunteer, please call the Program Director at 760-770-5678.

Be Empowered

Education increases a sense of control and confidence in decision making when cancer is involved.

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Be a Volunteer

Anyone can get involved in our community. No matter what your skills, we need your help--even if it’s just two willing hands and a smile.

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Be a Donor

We rely on generous contributions from people like you. There are many ways to give--no matter what your budget.

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